IOS 13 Tip 2: Quick Path

With iOS 13, typing has never been easier, thanks to the new Quick Path feature. Of course you can still type as you always have, and in some cases, you might want to. But now, their is a new option and it is especially useful for iPhone users. It’s called Quick Path. Quick Path typing allows you to slide your finger from one letter to the next without ever having to lift it. This new Slide to Type feature can be found under Settings>General>Keyboard, though it is enabled by default. You might want to also ensure that you have Auto Correct and Quick Type predictions turned on. Voiceover users, be sure you are using Touch Typing to take advantage of this new Quick Path feature.

The first time you attempt to type after updating to iOS 13, you’ll see a message explaining the feature. When you want to use it, simply lay your finger down on the first letter of the word you want to type. Then, instead of lifting your fingers simply slide it to the approximate area of each of the subsequent letters in the word. You don’t need to be precise. iOS will make a tremendous effort to determine the word you really intend, so as long as your finger ends up in the approximate area of the correct letter, odds are your device will get it right, or the correct word will show up in the Quick Type bar above the on screen keyboard. Voiceover users, you will hear word predictions announced as you slide your finger. When you hear the word you want, simply lift your finger, and the word will be inserted. If you make a mistake, simply tap delete. The entire word will be removed, and you can have another go at it. The more you use Quick Path, the better it will become.

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