IOS 13 Tip 1: Dark Mode

Each day for the next several weeks, we’ll post one tip for iOS 13, iPad OS, TVOS 13, Watch OS 6, or the HomePod. Today’s topic: Dark Mode.

With iOS 13 and iPad OS, you can now enable a system-wide Dark Mode, shifting the overall appearance to a darker color and giving your eyes a break, especially at night. When Dark Mode is enabled, you’ll see a dark background with white letters, instead of the typical white background with dark letters.

When you first update to iOS 13, you’ll be asked to choose the first appearance. Selecting “Light” will allow you to see exactly what you’ve always seen, while the new Dark Appearance is the other choice. TTJ personally recommends setting a schedule for Dark Mode, such as, from sunset to sunrise. You can adjust these settings under Settings>Display and Brightness>Appearance. You can also instantly toggle between light and dark appearances from this Settings screen. You can even toggle Dark Mode from within Control Center. If you do not see the new appearance toggle in Control Center, go to Settings>Control Center>Customize Controls, and add the options you want.

Most built-in Apple apps have been enhanced with a special dark theme that presents itself whenever Dark Mode is enabled, and many third-party app developers will soon take advantage of such capabilities if they have not already done so. The AppleTV also has a Dark Mode option, and actually has for a while now. To enable it, go to Settings>General>Appearance on your AppleTV. Selecting “Automatic” will have a similar effect as setting a schedule on your iOS devices.

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