Apple Releases iOS 13, Apple Arcade, and Watch OS 6 – iPad OS and More Coming Later This Month

As planned, Apple today released the highly anticipated iOS 13 software for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Watch OS 6 was also released today for users of Apple Watch Series 3 and 4, with earlier watch models receiving this update later. Apple has also stated that iOS 13.1 and iPad OS will now be released on September 24, nearly one week prior to what had been planned previously.

Regarding other features and updates, September 30 is, as of now, still the intended launch date for live radio stations on the HomePod. It is our expectation, though this has not been confirmed by Apple, that TVOS 13 is likely to see a public launch sometime between now and September 30 as well. Several useful features are also being delayed until, “later this fall”, while still others may see a release in the spring of 2020. As for Mac OS Catalina, this is expected next month.

The Tech Juggernaut will be releasing daily iOS 13 tips and how-to articles over the next several weeks, so stay tuned to this blog to learn about all the new features and changes, tips, tricks, and much more. In the mean time, we are including a link to a useful article on a well-known third-party site which serves as a great jumping-off point for iOS 13. We also encourage you to Subscribe to our TTJ Talk Podcast, which will undoubtedly continue to feature tips and how-tos for iOS 13.

Lastly, be sure to check out our Free course on iOS 13 and its counterparts. While this course is full, you can still tune into the overflow audio stream, either live or after the fact, using the free Dabel app. Dabel accounts are free, but you don’t even need an account to listen in. Just look for “iOS At the Next Level” by “Phantom Shadow”.

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