Tech 300 – Clean Audio Now Available


Greetings everyone, as promised, here is a clean audio recording with the same information we taught in this weeks live session. You can stream this recording online, or you may download it for off-line listening. To download, long press on the link and choose, “download linked file”. Voiceover users should double tap and hold on the link to initiate the process. Enjoy.:)

One thought on “Tech 300 – Clean Audio Now Available”

  1. Hello. I enjoy your emails and also enjoyed your courses last Spring, though I got a tick behind. The reason you haven’t heard from me is that we are moving on September 14. It shall take a tick to get unpacked and settled, and I knew I’d never be able to participate directly. This is a swell secondary possibility I had not counted upon but greatly appreciate.Have been a iOS 13 Beta user for six weeks and I am amazed. Had to upgrade my iPhone to 6S, and hated the four number ID until I got used to it. Thanks again.

    Dick, Donna and Oboe. (Or311)

    Sent from my iPhone



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