PSA: Updates On Course Schedule for iOS At the Next Level

The free course Tech 300: iOS At the Next Level will meet next Monday, September 16, 2019 as planned. However, this will be a special Q and A session since iOS 13 will not be released yet. Please submit your questions ahead of time. To do this, follow the following guidelines:

Compose a new message, using Apple Mail or another email client.

Address the message to:

In the subject field, type, “Tech 300 Question”.

In the message body, please include your first name, followed by no more than two or three sentences describing your question. Please keep questions short and to the point. You will not receive email replies to your questions, but these questions will be answered in next Monday’s class if possible, and audio recordings will be released after class.

Also, please note that the following week, we will have two sessions – not just one. This is necessary to cover all the planned material for this course, due to the later-than-anticipated release date of iOS 13. Classes that week will take place on Monday, September 23 and Wednesday, September 25, both at the usual time of 3:30 PM Eastern. Please mark this extra session on your calendars. Remember, this is an extra session, not a substitute for another session. We will meet twice that week. The final session for this course will remain on Monday, September 30. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.

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  1. Hello,

    Monday you reviewed the best practices for using two finger verification. This past spring when I was a student in the Voiceover class, I decided to try it. I ran into a big problem. I have an IPhone 8. Using fingerprints are a problem for me. When I was working, I had to have my fingerprints on record. In fact several times over my years of employment I had to have my fingerprints verified as part of the security. Each time, my fingerprints did not take the first or second and many times the third time. I had to get this done repeatedly before security said they were usable. Sigh. So when I tried to use the IPhone 8 fingerprint feature, I ran into the same issues. Maybe 75% of the times the fingerprint failed on my IPhone. I had to type in the numeric code to get into my locked phone. I did call Apple Care a few times and repeated the picture of my fingerprints. I also changed which finger and followed the tips I got. I did continue to have a high failure rate. I know face recognition is for a later model, but I hope that will be more successful.

    The purpose of my message here is to ask if you have other suggestions.


    Barbara Sheinbein

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