Special Welcome to All New Members – and What’s New with TTJ

Due to incredible interest in some of our recent offerings, we have had a large number of new subscribers to the TTJ Blog. So, we want to take this opportunity to welcome all new members to the blog, and to thank longtime members for your continued interest and support. At TTJ, we strive to be the only tech you’ll ever need, by providing unparalleled product purchasing assistance, product setup, support, training, and much more. We even offer home entertainment, home automation, And home security support, as well as website and e-book design services. We’d love for you to take a few minutes to browse our website to see what TTJ can do for you.

Review What’s Been Happening

Take just a couple short minutes to see what we’ve been up to this summer. You won’t be disappointed.

New, Updated AppleTV Handbook:

Do you have an AppleTV? Thinking about becoming a cord cutter with AppleTV? Then we’ve got great news for you. The Tech Juggernaut is pleased to announce that the 2019 edition of our digital handbook, “Getting the Most Out Of Your AppleTV”, is now available on Apple Books at no charge. To learn more and download the book, click Here.

Introducing TTJ Talk!

TTJ Talk is our brand new audio podcast, where we discuss how technology is impacting lives around the world. Get the latest tech news, product reviews, guest interviews, tutorials, and more, including our Tech Tip Tuesdays, all on TTJ Talk, using Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, and numerous other platforms. Listen on your iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, HomePod, and other devices.

Click to Learn More.

A TV Offer You Won’t Want to Refuse!

Been thinking about cutting the cord – saving money by replacing that old cable or satellite TV service with AppleTV and streaming TV services? Been a bit unsure if it’s the right decision? Now, you can try an AppleTV and your choice of streaming services in your home absolutely free, for up to two weeks, with no obligation. To learn more, click This Link.

Learn a Lot – Pay Nothing!

TTJ recently announced four free courses being offered in the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 training season. See if one or more of our courses is right for you. Click to Learn More.

All New Support Options:

This summer, The Tech Juggernaut began offering extended support hours via Apple iMessage. You can now use the Messages app on your Apple device to send support questions to “thetechjuggernaut@icloud.com”. You may now also follow us on Twitter “@TalkTTJ”. To learn more and view all available support options, click Here.

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