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Great news! In our recent TTJ Instructor Summit Live Stream and Podcast, the TTJ Instructor team announced plans to offer four free courses over the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Training Season. A brief summary of each course will be provided below. Students of all ages may participate in these courses online at no charge. The courses being offered are as follows:

IOS At the Next Level (Fall 2019, four weeks):

The iPhone and iPad have already offered incredible power and functionality. However, with the release of iOS 13 and iPad OS, the capabilities of these devices will increase astronomically. This course is being offered for proficient users of iOS devices, with or without Voiceover, and will provide details and walk-throughs of changes, new features, and how to make the most of everything Apple has added to these amazing platforms.

Living the Connected Digital Life (Fall 2019, 8 weeks)

What is the Connected Digital Life? It means having all of your data, documents, music, photos, TV, and much more, available to you everywhere you go, on all your devices. It means having your home Get ready for you when you return. It means taking a powerful experience, and everything that’s important to you, on the road, to the office or school, at home, and everywhere else. In this course, you’ll learn about features, apps, and services that make the Connected Digital Life possible. Topics such as iCloud, Apple Pay, Continuity, Handoff, cutting the cord with AppleTV and streaming services, VOIP phone services, HomeKit, home automation and security, home theater solutions, and many others will be covered in this awesome course.

Learning Voiceover In and Out (Spring 2020, 12 weeks):

If you are a proficient Voiceover user, or if you have never even begun to use Voiceover or an iPhone, this course is for you. Beginning with the basics, working all the way up to advanced features, this course truly offers something for everyone. You’ll learn how to navigate and activate content, set up a device, use Touch ID and Face ID, open apps, use the Rotor, and much more. You will also be introduced to numerous Apple and third-party apps that will help you to communicate, work, play, learn, create, stay organized, express yourself, and much more. You’ll even learn how to take notes and create powerful and beautiful word processing documents using iOS and Voiceover. Braille displays, Braille Screen Input, Bluetooth Keyboards, and handwriting wil also be covered. This course will feature special lab sessions to help you take learning to the next level.

IPad For All Computing – Replacing Your Traditional Computer With an iPad (Spring 2020, seven weeks):

The iPad is truly capable of completely replacing your traditional desktop or laptop computer and becoming the only computer you’ll ever need. In this powerful course, you’ll learn how to make the iPad your full time computing solution, with and without Voiceover. Learn about all the powerful Apple apps, and many third-party apps, available to you for education, personal use, small to medium businesses, creatives, students and teachers, and much, much more. Learn about creating and editing audio projects, movies, podcasts, books, word processing and desktop publishing documents, multimedia presentations, spreadsheets, websites, and more. Learn about powerful accessories that will help the iPad interface with just about any device you’ll come across. Learn how to download and work with files, how to enjoy live and On Demand television on your iPad, how to take control of your home, how to accept credit card payments, how to perform tasks such as research and writing reports, and much more. This course includes special lab sessions to help you take learning to the next level.

Find Out More:

The first of these awesome courses will begin next month. Exact course dates and schedules will be announced later this week. Be sure to stay tuned to the TTJ Blog to find out more about dates, schedules, and how to participate in these awesome courses.

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  1. Hi Matt,

    Right now I would be interested in the IOS At the Next Level (Fall 2019. I am assuming that I am eligible since I completed the IOS 12 week course this past spring. If there are other criteria, let me know.


    Barbara Sheinbein


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