Check This Out! Experience Cord Cutting With AppleTV Today!

The Tech Juggernaut has been promoting the AppleTV, along with a variety of apps and services, as an alternative to traditional cable and satellite services. In fact, this week our TTJ Talk Podcast will begin a series on how awesome it really is to replace your traditional TV service with AppleTV. Now, we are excited to take things to a whole new level. We’re so excited about the AppleTV, and we believe so strongly that digital streaming is the future of television, that we want you to try it out for yourself right now, risk free, with absolutely no obligations. That’s right. We’re going to bring cord cutting into your home at no cost, so you can try it and decide whether it’s right for you! Introducing: the TTJ Stream It My Way Offering!

With TTJ Stream It My Way, Central Pennsylvania residence wil have a chance to experience up to two weeks of using an AppleTV in their own home (see offer terms below). The process begins with a free, two hour, in-person consultation. See a demo of the AppleTV in action while enjoying snacks and beverages on us. Complete our short survey about how you watch TV, what channels you like, and more. Because every individual, couple, and family has their own way of watching TV, and their own personal favorite content, there’s not always a one-size-fits-all solution. But, that’s ok. After our in-person consult, we will recommend to you the services that we feel will best meet your needs. We’ll show you exactly what channels and features you’ll get, and we’ll give you the estimated monthly cost, so you can see just how much you’ll be saving by cutting the cord.

If you don’t like our proposal, it’s back to the drawing board. If you do, that’s where the fun really begins. The Tech Juggernaut will lend you one AppleTV to try in your home. Put it in the living room, move it to the kitchen or bedroom. Use it however you want, and experience the services, channels, and features we’ve recommended. This way, you won’t be forced to make a decision about cutting the cord without first experiencing it for yourself. After all, we know TV is your relaxation after a long day, and we don’t want that experience to become stressful for you.

If after a week or two you decide you do not wish to proceed with the AppleTV and cutting the cord, just let us know. We’ll come collect the AppleTV from you and ensure that all your free trials are completely canceled, so you won’t be billed for a thing – case closed. Everything wil be exactly as it was before we ever entered your lives, and you won’t hear from us again – unless you want to.

If however, as we predict, you find that cutting the cord with AppleTV is the right decision for you and your family, we will help you order all the AppleTV boxes and anything else you’ll need, and we’ll make sure everything about your TV services is exactly as you want it. What could be better? You’ve got nothing to lose!

But that’s not all. We’re going to sweeten the offer even more. If you decide to try out our offering on or before Labor Day, we’ll knock 20% off the cost of the AppleTV System Setup (should you decide to proceed after the in-home experience), and we’ll even throw in a free gift. So why wait? In fact, don’t wait! Call or email us to learn more and set up your in-home demo today!

Offer Terms:

Initial consultation is required. Participants must have a working television, capable of at least 720P HD (1080P or 4K highly recommended), and must be willing to allocate one working HDMI port for the use of the AppleTV. Participants must also have a reliable high-speed internet connection (at least 15MBPS), and must have in-home Wi-Fi in order to qualify for this offering. In some cases, 15MBPS wil not be satisfactory for us to proceed, and this is at the sole discretion of TTJ. TTJ will test your internet speed and Wi-Fi signal strength during the process, and we reserve the right to refuse to proceed with the in-home trial offer if we do not feel your internet or Wi-Fi meets our expectations.

The offering is valid one time per household per 12 month period – no exceptions. To proceed, customers must be at least 18 years of age and must be a resident of Central Pennsylvania. TTJ reserves the right to refuse anyone due to distance or any other factors, at the sole discretion of TTJ. Customers should be prepared to present a valid form of identification as well as a valid payment method, though nothing will be charged to the payment method under normal circumstances. A digital signed contract will be required to proceed with the offering.

The in-home experience may require you, the customer, to sign up for one or more free trials of otherwise paid services. While you can keep the AppleTV device for up to two weeks, many free trials for various popular TV services last far less, such as only seven days. If you wish to keep the AppleTV for the fulll two weeks and this goes beyond your service free trials, you are solely responsible for paying for one month of service for any and all services you wish to continue trying. These payments are non refundable, even if you do not keep the service after the second week. Most service free trials are available to customers only one time. Should you request a second in-home experience 12 months or more after the first, it is likely you will not qualify for free trials of the same TV services, even though the AppleTV lending at no charge will still apply. In this case, you must either select a different service to try, or pay for one, non refundable month of service of your choosing.

Participants in this program wil be lent one, 32GB AppleTV HD model, including Siri remote, power cord, and HDMI cable. If any part of this kit is damaged, lost, not returned, or not working in any way at the sole discretion of TTJ, you, the customer, will be solely responsible for the cost to replace affected components as follows:

$59 for Siri Remote

$19 for power cord or HDMI cable

$149 for AppleTV HD

Or any combination of the above.

For questions call 814-287-9178. Thank you.

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