TTJ Talk Is Now Available On Apple Podcasts!

The Tech Juggernaut is thrilled to announce that our new podcast, TTJ Talk, is now available on Apple Podcasts!

Apple Podcasts is our preferred platform, and we are incredibly excited, and thankful, to be able to offer TTJ Talk on this awesome and powerful platform. Now, millions of people can subscribe to TTJ Talk, and listen on the best devices in the world, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, AppleTV, and HomePod. Those who have Macintosh or PC devices may also listen in iTunes. On any Apple device, you can even ask Siri to play our podcast, by saying something like, “Play the TTJ Talk Podcast”.

TTJ Talk is a new podcast which aims to provide useful and interesting information on Apple and related technology and how it is impacting lives around the world. With new episodes being released at least once per week, our podcast will include guest interviews, product demos and reviews, tech news, tutorials, and our Tech Tip Tuesdays, where we’ll offer helpful tidbits to make using your devices even easier and more fun.

You can find and subscribe to TTJ Talk on Apple Podcasts by clicking This Link.

Users of other platforms can find subscribe links and the RSS feed link by clicking Here.

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