Introducing TTJ Talk – Our Brand New Tech Podcast!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that The Tech Juggernaut has officially launched a new podcast entitled TTJ Talk. This podcast will supplement our audio tutorials on this site, not replace them, and with new episodes coming each week, you’ll have lots to look forward to.

TTJ Talk will offer quick tips in our Tech Tip Tuesdays episodes, as well as providing short how-tos, tech news, product reviews, and special guest interviews. Trainer Kliph, who many of you know from our free online courses, will be a recurring guest on the show, and other members from the TTJ Instructor Team will join periodically. We will also interview other guests to find out how they are using and benefiting from various Apple products and other hardware, software, and services. We will even live stream some of our episodes, so you’ll be able to ask your questions and potentially get them answered live on the air.

We are anxiously awaiting approval of our podcast from Apple, so you’ll be able to use the Apple Podcasts app, or your HomePod, to listen to every episode of our podcast. In the mean time, the show is already available on a few other podcast sites, so we’d love to give you advanced access to all of our published episodes right now.

To visit our podcast page, click This Link.

There, you’ll be able to listen to every episode of our podcast and find out which platforms have approved our show. You’ll also be able to record short voice messages with your tech questions for possible inclusion in future episodes. Enjoy.:)

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