An Update On the Recently Announced Apple TV Handbook

I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting further information regarding the promised handbook for the Apple TV, and I very much appreciate the support. That book is ready, but instead of distributing it individually to those who have requested it, I decided to just go ahead and complete the necessary process to submit the guide to Apple for distribution on the Apple Books Store, since this was my ultimate plan anyway. That said, the book has been submitted to Apple as of tonight, and we now just need to hang tight while the book undergoes Apple’s review process. Assuming all goes well, the book should be live within a few days. When there is additional information to report, I will post again regarding this subject.

If you already have, or plan to soon get, an Apple TV, and you just can’t wait for availability on Apple Books, please email me directly for an early copy. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.

2 thoughts on “An Update On the Recently Announced Apple TV Handbook”

  1. Hello I have an apple TV. Could you send me a handbook Thanks Ina

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