Important Information Regarding the Upcoming Voiceover Course

Great news everyone, the course outline for the upcoming course, “Learning Voiceover In and Out” is now available. Stay tuned, as the iPad course outline will be available by this weekend. If you are already enrolled in the iTunes U portion of the Voiceover course, you can access the course from within the iTunes U app to view the entire outline. If not, we will post a text-only version below, and we will upload a more visually-appealing PDF of the outline, particularly beneficial for sighted folks, before the start of the course on Tuesday.

Please also note that as of the writing of this post, there are still 46 open slots in the iTunes U Voiceover course. If you have received your email containing the Enrollment Code for the iTunes U portions of both the VO course and the iPad course, we strongly encourage you to launch iTunes U and enroll in both courses immediately. These emails were sent out on a first-come first-served basis. Pleased be advised that if any slots remain available in the iTunes U portion of the VO course by the start of the course on Tuesday, slots will be offered to those in attendance, to be claimed on a per-request basis. This means you may forfeit your slot if you have not enrolled by Tuesday, even if you had received an enrollment email.

Now a quick note about the Voiceover course:

We have made a small but important change to the intended course structure. It was originally thought that we would offer an A section and a B section for this course. This is no longer the case. This will now be one continuous course, starting with the most basic foundations and working up to advanced features and functionality. After analyzing our survey results, this seemed like the best way to do it. Now, the Voiceover In and Out course will be structured in such a way that Tuesdays will always be instruction days. Feel free to ask questions and try things out on your own devices as you hear them being taught and discussed, but expect mostly teaching on Tuesdays. Thursdays, with a few exceptions, will be lab days. During lab days, audio for all participants will remain mostly unmuted. People will be free to ask questions, discuss their experiences, try out various gestures and concepts taught on the prior Tuesday, and get assistance from myself as well as from our other instructors. Note that the iPad course will not have separate lab days, though of course questions and trying things on your own iPad is certainly encouraged.

The following topics will be covered in the Voiceover course. Again, please see iTunes U or the PDF (coming soon) for more details:

Voiceover Introduction

Differences from other screen readers

Differences between touchscreen devices and computers

Turning Voiceover on and off

Gesture overview

The VOiceover Cursor

Tapping and swiping

The Double-Tap gesture

Scrolling through content

Home Screen layout

Status Line

Notification Center

Control Center

Spotlight Search

Widgets Panel

Home Button functions

Devices without a Home Button

New gestures to try

Basic text entry

The Voiceover Rotor – overview and use cases

Customizing Voiceover, Voiceover Practice Mode

Learn from the User Guides

Third-party apps and resources for learning VO

Device orientation options

Long Press actions and 3D Touch

Two-Finger Double-Tap





Detectable patterns within apps






Photos and Camera

Voice Memos

Apple Books

Other apps

Table Indexes

Value Adjustment Pickers

Reorder Handles

Rearranging Home Screen Layout

Multi-finger gestures

Advanced keyboard functions

Other typing modes

Surfing the Web

Links and link actions

Navigating webpages with the Rotor




Reader Mode

Item Chooser

Labeling elements

Online forms


AutoFill Passwords, contact info, and credit card info with iCloud Keychain

Dictation overview

Editing text

Quick Type

Auto Correct

Fixing misspelled words

Selecting text

Copy and Paste

Overview of Apple Pages

Creating a document

Formatting text

Creating outlines

Styling text

Intro to Voiceover on iPad, AppleTV, Apple Watch, and HomePod

Exploring a few new apps

Best practices when learning new apps

App Exploration Day

All about Voiceover and Keyboards

Using a mechanical keyboard

VO commands versus iOS system and app commands


Braille Screen Input

Using a Braille Display with Voiceover

Course Wrap-up

Any questions let us know.

8 thoughts on “Important Information Regarding the Upcoming Voiceover Course”

  1. Good morning, I am very much looking forward to your course. I’ve been an Apple user, for most seven years. Some of the basic stuff, will be a good refresher for me. See you then.

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hi there, please email me privately about this so I may double check my list to see if you made it into the initial round of students in the iTunes U portion of the course. These were handed out on a first come first serve basis. If you did not make it in, you may still participate in the live sessions, and we will get all of the other materials to you through the blog. There is also still a chance that a slot may be available for you even if you did not get the initial registration, because it is always possible that some students may elect not to participate in the iTunes U portion.

    1. This is expected, because this is a private course, not a public one, and therefore not available in the iTunes U course catalog. Please email me privately for further details and to see if we can get you a code. Thank you.

  2. Hi Mat:

    I was in the voice over class today. It was great. I would like the code to get in to the iTunes u. I did send an email last week.

    See you on Thursday.

  3. Hi Mat:

    I keep sending emails to get the code for the iTunes U and I have gotten no response. Could you please send me the code please.



    1. Hi there, so sorry the email is being difficult for you. If you have not already done it this way, please try sending me an email directly to: If you do not receive a reply with a code by Thursday, please call me before class begins, like any time before 2:30 Eastern, at 814-287-9178. I cannot post the code here because of the limited space in the course, but perhaps if our email services are not playing nice with one another, I can give you the code and get you enrolled over the phone. Thanks so much, and again sorry for the inconvenience. Take care.:)


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