How To Use the Zoom and iTunes U Apps with Voiceover

For those taking any of our TTJ online courses, you will need two apps. The first is the Zoom Cloud Meetings app, and the second is iTunes U. Note that the Zoom service can also be accessed via a web browser on Mac and PC.

In this audio demo, we describe and discuss both apps, what they do, and how we’ll use them. We also give a quick introduction to the layout of both apps with Voiceover. Should you have any questions, please let us know. Enjoy.:)zoom-itunesu.m4a

2 thoughts on “How To Use the Zoom and iTunes U Apps with Voiceover”

  1. Hello. Downloaded Zoom, iTunes U and Pages. Had downloaded Pages and iTunes U back in 2013 when IOS and me first started. Couldn’t make head nor tale out of Pages so got rid of it. iTunes U was good, but didn’t have the time to rattle through it very often. Zoom didn’t ask for mike access: either on iPhone or iPad installations. Figured I’d listen on the iPhone and try the techniques on the iPad? Unless you think only one unit is more productive? EH? Enjoyed the demos thoroughly. Sure did.

    Dick, Donna and Oboe. (Or311)

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    1. Hi there, thanks for your comment. Yes the accessibility of pages has improved dramatically since back then, and the app is fully accessible now. Zoom will not ask for microphone access until the first time you actually join a meeting. Also I think you have the right idea with using both devices, one to join the meeting and one to try out the various gestures and other things we discussed. Take care.

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