A Quick Reminder About TTJ Premium Support Plans

Our TTJ Premium Support Plans are the best way to get all the support you’ll need on any Apple product and a large variety of third-party products, regardless of where you purchased them. Get operational support, how-to walk-throughs and instructions, routine maintenance, update alerts, trouble shooting, and much more on any iPad, iPhone, AppleTV, HomePod, Apple Watch, Macintosh, iPod, and related Apple and select third-party accessories such as cases, printers, scanners, Wi-Fi systems, network extenders, small appliances, personal assistance, televisions, game consoles, select in-car entertainment systems, home automation products, home security cameras and solutions, and lots more for one low price.

Our TTJ Premium Support Plans cover as many products as you own and start at just $199 for one year of support. We even include scheduled training in each support plan. To learn more and purchase a plan, click This Link.

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